Kingsley Specialist Roofing complete the zinc shingle roof and side cladding to the Uk's first floating house.

Kingsley Specialist Roofing have just completed the zinc shingle roof and side cladding on the Uk’s first amphibious house as featured on television show ‘Grand Designs’

Kingsley Specialist Roofing

Here at the Kingsley specialist roofing and Cladding division we have very experienced directors and staff and take the upmost pride in our work.  Although we are an approved designer, supplier and installer of traditional hard metal products we approach our work with a fresh modern style, in line with the ever changing needs of our customers.

Kingsley are able to offer a full envelope solution to our clients incorporating the traditional hard metals (Copperzinc, aluminium,stainless steel, lead and titanium) along with a variety of rainscreen systems and composite panelling / guttering solutions.  We aim to maintain the highest quality workmanship whilst also providing our customers with the most competitive prices.

It’s important to note that our services expand beyond roofing and many of the materials that Kingsley Specialist roofing use on roofs can also be used as cladding round an entire building to give the unique look many of our customers desire. A good example of this is Splashpoint swimming pool in Worthing, West Sussex where we completed the roof of the project as well as Western Red Cedar and Copper cladding to the sides of the building.