Amphibious house



Kingsley Specialist Roofing Ltd recently undertook the roofing and cladding work for the UK’s first ever floating house. This project has been featured recently on channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’ television show.

The roof itself is of standard design and doesn’t contain any curves or sweeps; however the client decided on the unusual look of interlocking diamond shaped Zinc shingles to cover the roof and cladding areas. This gives a fantastically individual look to the property which is situated in a prime location on the banks of the Thames.

Each Zinc shingle was individually made in Kingsley’s manufacturing unit in Ferring, Worthing, West Sussex and then transported to site. With over 2,000 individual shingles to be handmade this was both time consuming and labour intensive. The Amphibious house is also located on an island on the Thames which is only accessible via a small bridge. As such Kingsley Specialist Roofing Ltd needed to use wheelbarrows to transfer the 2,000 zinc shingles across the bridge in order for them to be fitted to the floating house.

The placing of the Zinc shingles in order to get the correct appearance as shown in the photograph was also challenging; this involved constantly checking and re-checking areas, and adjusting the shingles to suit.

SIG Design and technology have played a large part in the project and they supplied the zinc shingles to Kingsley Roofing in coil form. The specification from the client was for the stylish looking NedZink NOVA. This product offers a pre-weathered grey finish.