Copper roofing

As one of the oldest materials used for covering roofs Copper is a proven and malleable material that is a hugely popular choice.  Copper begins in a bright natural state which darkens to a rich brown and like Zinc,  with time Copper develops its own natural patina giving its green or blue appearance. Many of our customers prefer the patina to be visible more quickly without having to wait for the natural patination process to take place, in such a case we can provide a pre-patinated copper. Once installed the pre-patinated copper takes on its natural patination process ensuring that protection is maximised.

Interested in this product? Then read further about the benefits of choosing Copper:

  • Copper material is both durable and lightweight (a quarter of the weight of tiles), meaning it will stand firm against high winds and is also fire resistant.
  • The striking green patina that naturally appears within the first few years, gives a great aesthetic appearance.
  • Copper can be measured to fit exactly the specification of the roof, cutting down on the wasteful and time consuming process of cutting and trimming material on site.
  • Copper has fantastic green credentials, due to the fact it will more often than not outlast the structure that it covers.  The copper can then be stripped and in many cases re-sold to homebuilders and re-used.  Installing a copper roof requires a degree of skill and training and here at Kingsley we are certainly up to the task.
  • It can be worked at most temperatures and isn’t affected by cold weather.
  • Copper is a trouble free building material ideal for roofing, flashings, gutters, downpipes and most architectural specifications.
  • Copper has a very long life expectancy of over 100 years.
  • It is 100% recyclable with a high recycled content.
  • Copper is Eco-friendly it’s been awarded a BRE A/A+ rating.
  • You won’t have to clean or look after it as it is self-cleaning.
  • It can be ideal for non-ventilated constructions and is well suited to all enviroments.

Further Copper Facts:

Recognised by most of the oldest civilizations, Copper has been used for thousands of years. The Romans extracted their copper from the mines in Cyprus. Today we see Copper mined in every continent and is extracted in large quantities of ore by the technique of smelting. It is then generally refined in tank houses through the process of electrolysis. Recognised by its striking green domes and roofs, coppers colouring is as a result of its reaction with air which creates the added protection from corrosion. Copper is so durable that it has been known to last for over 600 years, with the substrate failing rather than the copper itself.