Zinc roofing

The use of Zinc has become increasingly fashionable in the UK as its popularity has spilt over from the continent.  As a roofing and rainwater goods material Zinc holds excellent green credentials along with a lifespan of over 150 years.  With the market ever increasing many are concerned that the skills shortage in this traditional metal roofing area will be exposed.  However, having an expert from Sweden on our team proves Kingsley specialist roofing have gone to great lengths to build up the relevant expertise and experience to efficiently manage any job big or small, complex or simple.

You are able to choose from several different types of zinc and from many different colours, including the Pigmento range (from VMZINC) which has blue, red and green. There are also Anthra Zinc and Quartz Zinc.

Interested in this product?  Then read further about the benefits of choosing Zinc:

  • Zinc has the ability to develop its own protective layer called a protective patina, which will self repair any imperfections or scratches that may otherwise appear.  In other words Zinc is maintenance free.
  • Zinc is laid in strips meaning that it can be folded to fit the most complex of shapes and designs from a roof pitch of 5 degrees to vertical. Zinc is the perfect material for innovative architectural design.
  • Considered as a superior alternative for residential and commercial roofing, Zinc outperforms other materials with its combined longevity and stylish aesthetic appearance, which for many justifies its initial cost.
  • Kingsley specialist roofing also highly recommend choosing zinc because it is a recognised sustainable material that can be constantly recycled. The recycling process uses less energy than the mining process of other metals. So zinc is green!

Further Zinc Facts:

Zinc has a proven track record with it being extensively used since the 19th century throughout continental Europe.  It was first discovered in Austria around 500 years ago.  With such a track record Zinc is set to fully fulfill its roofing potential throughout the UK in the near future as people become increasingly aware of its benefits.

Some architects prefer using Zinc rather than Copper because its colour is far more stable.  It is available in a variety of different colours, although the natural grey patina is the preferred choice.